UNBELIEVABLE! Woman spends Sh2.7 million covering entire body and face with tattoos


A woman has spent more than Sh2.7 million (£20,000) covering her entire body with tattoos – including turning her eyeballs blue.

Amber Breeana Luke, 24, got her first inking when she was just 16 because she wanted to “know what it feels like”, and she immediately caught the bug.

Her first design was simple old-fashioned calligraphy which read ‘you can keep knocking, but won’t knock me down; no love lost, no love found’.

But now, every inch of her body is covered with stunning designs, including flowers, skulls, animals and block patterns.

Amber, from New South Wales, Australia, said: “At first it was because I wanted to know what the feeling was like – I craved it even though I had no idea what it felt like. Once the needle penetrated my skin, it felt like home.

“My passion developed when I was 20 years old, I started to get more heavily tattooed.

“The feeling I got from getting tattooed was like no other I had experienced – I literally felt the negative energy disperse from my body, minute by minute.”


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