Seven most common job interview questions


1. Tell us about yourself
This is usually a common but a very tricky statement. Don’t tell your interviewee where or when you were born. He/ she doesn’t really care and such information is on your CV. Instead, tell your interviewer two or three accomplishments you have made that will make you fit for the job. Most people fail on this crucial part.
2. Why did you leave your previous job?
If you had been employed previously, your new employer would want to know why you are leaving the job. Is it the salary, comfortability or the environment? Be careful while answering this question.
3. Why should we hire you?
The employer wants to know if you have what it takes to do the job. Are you competent enough? Do you have the right skills? Those are some of the qualities the employer wants to know.
4. Why would you want to work with us?
The interviewer probably wants to know if you have an idea of what the company is all about and how you are going to help them. Simply, the interviewer should see/ hear a passionate person. Most people get employed not because they have the skills but because they are driven and passionate to do the work they are assigned.
5. What are your strengths?
What are the things you are really good at? The employer might even decide to give you a way better job than you expected. So clearly define your strengths.
6. What are your weaknesses?
What are some of the things that you have a hard time doing right? However, be sure to tell your employer that you can do everything to work on them.
7. What is your salary expectation?
This is usually a very crucial question. When answering this question you have to consider a number of things. What is the kind of work you are going to do or the amount of work? What was your previous salary? What are the benefits you will bring to the company? Do not ask for a huge amount of money that will scare off your employer and neither should you ask for a pay that is way beyond you. Be moderate.


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