‘PREZZO’ joins essential service providers as he ventures into ovacado business


Legendary Kenyan rapper Jackson Ngechu better known as CMB Prezzo is the proud owner of a thriving avocado business.

The rapper first mentioned his side hustle in P-Unit’s latest song, Hot Step where he bragged about having a business that, during the lockdown, gave him a free pass at police roadblocks.

Niko na essentials za ma avocado. Makarao kwa roadblock songa kando,” rapped Prezzo.

Curious to know if his rhymes were true, Prezzo was taken to task by comedian Jalang’o during an interview on Jalang’o TV to confirm if indeed the avocado business was up and running.

“Yes, I am an essential service provider. I supply avocados. This is the best part of being an artist. You use what you have to make songs. That was my situation and I fused it in my lines,” he responded.


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