Luo men: Let Jalang’o be, our sisters are too proud for marriage


Luo men have defended comedian Jalang’o for marrying a Taita woman after being blasted by Luo women for overlooking them.
Jalang’o and Amina Chao married in a private traditional ceremony on Saturday, to the disappointment of Luo women.
The ladies from the lakeside took to social media to blast the radio host, saying there are more than enough of them to go around and he should have picked one of them.
Luo men have encouraged Jalang’o and accused their sisters of being too proud and disrespectful in marriages.
Some of the men described Luo women as party animals who cannot be home-makers.
“Most Luo ladies are club-hoppers and value things that are of no importance.
“They are also not patient with their men, that is why Luo men prefer to marry outside their tribe.”
They claim their sisters want to go for all ohangla live performances and attend all Gor Mahia matches making it difficult to marry them.
“It is difficult to marry someone who wants to go out from Monday to Sunday,” said Steve Bukende a Luo man from Homa Bay.


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