‘It took me 3 days to walk through the whole house’: Rick Ross shows off his 109-roomed mansion


Grammy-nominated American rapper William Leonard Roberts II alias Rick Ross has offered a glimpse into his expansive 254-acre mansion. The Maybach Music Group founder hosted NBA star Nate Robinson at the mansion in Atlanta, Georgia- saying it took him a couple of days to walk through the stately home which has 109 rooms.

“It took me two to three days to walk through the whole house, just absorbing it,” said ‘Rozay’ who performed in Kenya in May 2018.

Ross’ mansion has an Olympic-size swimming pool and a garage boasting of Rolls Royces, several classic cars, a Mercedes Maybach, a Ford monster truck among numerous other high-end vehicles. The man behind the success of rappers Meek Mill and Wale revealed that he names all his cars, with his favourite being a Rolls Royce Wraith christened Rihanna.

According to Ross, his swimming pool is so big he was offered good money to allow horses to train in it.

“I hold the world’s greatest pool parties in the summer…I was offered six figures by horse trainers to allow racehorses train in the pool,” he said.


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