Celebrities cry foul after frequent scathing attacks by Kenyan cyberbullies


Despite the fact that bullying is hardly a new social issue, thanks to technology, it has moved places from the school environment to social media platforms. Thanks to advanced and increased media penetration, many Kenyans are either victims or perpetrators of cyberbullying; with hungry meme Lords and Ladies, the Kings and Queens of tackles and trolls waiting for the slightest opportunity to pounce and devour anybody that comes their way.

Kenyans On Twitter(KOT) being the most notorious in the game of harassment waits for celebrities to make a mistake and they being online audience are quick to judge.

Just recently it was Azziad Nasenya(the ‘Nitawezana’ challenge queen) then Mulamwa the comedian and now Nadia Mukami who is actually taking a break from music. I guess in Kenya the longer you are in the game, the more immune you get to trolls.

A perfect example being Akothee, the no-nonsense Boss Lady to whom if you try her, she hits back in a double-fold leaving you questioning your existence, Khaligraph Jones who openly says he is the OG and does not give a hoot about anything.

Society actually does not care whether you do good or bad, they are prolly just a bunch of depressed humans trying to ease out their feels. Though not all forms of abuse leave bruises, words can cause harm to the extent of inflicting suicidal thoughts in the victim, a drop in their self-esteem, and withdrawal from social platforms and gatherings.

The only way to curb cyberbullying is by creating awareness on the importance of digital etiquette and enforcing moral values we expect all and sundry to abide by in their day to day online activities through ensuring collective maturity when addressing posted content.


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