5 Best restaurants in Kenya


Villa Rosa Kempinski

The Villa Rosa Kempinski in Westlands, Nairobi is fairly new, but boy has it garnered popularity. Lucca is just one of the main attractions at this wonderful establishment. With freshly baked Italian bread and cuisines that will send your pallet on a trip around the world, this tranquil restaurant is the perfect place to bring friends and family.

Fogo Gaucho

There is really no mentioning of restaurants in Nairobi without mentioning ‘Fogo Gaucho’. This is a legendary Brazilian steak house on Waiyaki Way. Located at Viking Hse, Fogo Gaucho has it all. From expertly prepared Brazilian style steak and salads to a fully stocked wine bar and even live music on Friday and Sunday. If you are looking for a wonderful South Brazilian experience, come to Fogo Gaucho – bring friends or family.

The Carnivore Restaurant

The Carnivore restaurant is one of the favourite restaurants (for both locals and tourists) in Kenya. Located on Langata Road, near Wilson Airport in Nairobi, the restaurant is really an ideal dining place for all true loves of meat in Kenya. It is famous for its flame-kissed variety of meat including crocodile, camel and ostrich roasted over charcoal, sliced and served at your table. If you want to experience authentic Kenyan Barbecued meat, you should visit this restaurant and let the smokey ‘wow’ fill your mouth. The best part is, they roast the meat as you watch.

About Thyme

Located on Eldama Ravine Rd, in Westlands, About Thyme has become famous over the years for the serene, leafy setting it offers and the eclectic menu it has. Here you can find dishes from all over the world. The best part is that they are expertly prepared and presented to you. You can even find vegetarian dishes. But the one place that About Thyme excels in, is the desert menu. This is why people come here.

Seven Seafood & Grill

Seven is without a doubt one of Nairobi’s finest dining destinations. Located at ABC Place on Waiyaki Way, Seven offers the best and freshest Indian Ocean Seafood in the city. It also has the best choice cuts when it comes to meat and the dessert menu is borderline criminal.


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