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5 best places to visit in Mombasa



Mombasa is the second largest city of Kenya (after the capital, Nairobi) and is influenced by Middle Eastern and Asian traditions due to its strong commercial links with those continents.
Mombasa is full of surprises, so plan a few days to visit and see what the city has to offer!

Mamba village

As you drive towards the Nyali Golf Course, it’s hard not to notice the giant crocodile sculpture that stands imposingly at the entrance of Mamba Village (“mamba” meaning crocodile in Swahili). Mamba Village is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm with crocodiles in every size – from hatchlings to fully grown adults such as the 100+ year old man-eating “Big Daddy.” A visit to the center begins with a comprehensive video presentation on this reptile species, which is then followed by a visit through the maze of crocodile pens. Keep an eye out for the pen that features the albino crocodiles before heading off to see giants fight for fresh meat during feeding time. Located within the estate, you can either take a camel ride, visit the equestrian center, or stroll through the botanical gardens. Finish the tour with a cocktail at the Crocodile Bar or for those adventurous carnivores – try out the range of game meats such as ostrich, zebra, and crocodile from the a la carte menu at the Village Restaurant. In the evenings and especially on Fridays, the Mamba Disco is a favorite nightspot to party away.

Fort Jesus

Built between 1593 and 1596 by the Portuguese, Fort Jesus stands guard at the entrance of the harbor towards the Old Port of Mombasa. The Fort remains one of the finest examples of 16th century Renaissance military fortifications. It was also one of the only forts to be maintained by the Portuguese along the Swahili coast although it was captured and recaptured nine times, falling between the influence of the Portuguese, Omani Arabs, and the British who would go on to colonize Kenya. As of 2011, the fort was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of Mombasa’s most popular tourist destinations. Inside the fort there is a museum that houses numerous relics from its occupation and offers some outstanding views of the Mombasa Harbor.

Mombasa tusks

As you drive or walk down Moi Avenue in Mombasa, you won’t miss the giant elephant tusks that arch over the dual carriageway of the avenue. The tusks were commissioned in 1956 in commemoration of Princess Margaret’s visit to Mombasa. Although these were originally made from canvas stretched over a wooden frame, these were later replaced with aluminium.

Old Town

The historic Old Town of Mombasa is located just off Fort Jesus and sprawls over 180 acres (40.5 hectares). The tiny streets are lined with old buildings featuring ornately carved wood and architecture that is a blend of the influences of Arabic, Asian, European, and African cultures. Located in the Old Town is the Old Port of Mombasa where merchant dhows (traditional sailing boats) from Arabia, Persia, India, and Somalia once graced its docks, making it not only a melting pot of cultures but also an integral part of the trade along the ancient maritime Silk Route. While wandering through the streets of the Old Town, stop by one of the many antique stores or sample some Swahili cuisine at the Jahazi Coffee House.

Haller Park

Along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway, Haller Park (formerly known as Bamburi Nature Trail) consists of a Game Sanctuary, Reptile Park, Fish Farm, Crocodile Pens, and a giraffe viewing platform all set about in a vibrant and diverse ecosystem. The park is a product of the Bamburi Cement Company’s efforts since 1971 to convert the barren landscape of disused limestone quarries. The park hosts a variety of flora and fauna; it would be hard to miss some of the giant tortoises that roam freely around the park. Located a few minutes’ drive from Haller Park is the Bamburi Forest Trails where one can lose themselves amidst the beautiful and lush forest surroundings. Featuring trails for walking, jogging, or cycling with alternating landscapes, you will find antelopes, eland, and oryx within the forest. The Bamburi Forest trails also features a butterfly farm along with a host of flora. This is truly a nature lover’s dream!

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Diamond’s hit song ‘Cheche’ pulled down from YouTube




Diamond Platnumz’s collabo with Zuchu Cheche was recently pulled down from YouTube following a copyright strike by a person identified as Tony Anthony. Although little is known about Tony Antony, some netizens are speculating that it could be a conspiracy to take down the fast-rising Zuchu.

However, according to the Head of Digital Department at WCB Wasafi Kim Kayndo, they are in talks with the YouTube management to ensure the Cheche video is put back on the streaming platform. He added that the copyright strike issued against the video is fake, and therefore it will be easy for them to get the video back on YouTube.

Mr Kayndo further said that if indeed the claim was legit, it could have come from a reputable copyright body and therefore, reassured fans that the video will soon be back on YouTube soon. The song in question was trending at No. 1 both in Kenya and Tanzania and had garnered over 2.5 million views within five days of being released. This comes barely a week after fans turned the heat on Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu for allegedly copying Tanasha Donna’s lyrics in the said song.

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Dr Love: How do I know she loves me??




It is entirely true that love just happens. But it is also not easy to genuinely bond with someone. Certainly to love someone deeply is a very complicated thing. And one of the biggest reasons behind it is that it is very much difficult to understand the signs of how the other feels when in love.

When it comes to loving deeply, women are highly secretive, and it takes them time to admit their feelings. But if you carefully observe their behavior, they do leave some signs, and ways behind that reveal how they feel.

Nervousness Indicates Deep Love

It is natural for anyone to fall in love to feel nervous deeply. And this change in the behavior is often readable. So if your girlfriend shows signs of nervousness, it means you are inevitably going to win her over.

She Shows Signs Of Jealousy

A woman in love will many times reveal shocking signs and display her jealous side if you are talking to other girls or unknown women. It is because she considers you more than just her friend and is scared of losing you to someone else.

She Always Tries To Keep You Happy

Does she always try to keep you happy and make you smile? When a woman is genuinely in love with a man she will try everything to keep him happy. She may even display a good sense of humor and go out of the way to ensure that you are always smiling.

Social Media Displays Her Love Interest

It is always easy to find out the deeply hidden feeling of your girlfriend by getting a glimpse of her activity on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Instagram. If she likes and comments on your post regularly, these signs indicate that she is deeply in low with you and wants to come closer.

She Is Always Ready To Hear You

One of the most visible signs of being in love is always being attentive to the words of your partner. You only listen to someone with great intent when you feel genuinely for someone. These are the signs that a man must recognize to identify true love.

You Are More Important Than Others

Have you seen her giving more importance to you over others? When a woman prefers your company more than other, these are her ways of showing how deeply she loves you. It can be anything from sharing food, discussing problems or even asking opinion-but if you are the first person she prefers to talk to, these are the signs that she is deeply in love with you.

Does She Discuss With You New Things?

Does she discuss new things with you whenever you meet her? It is also a vital sign that she is deeply in love with you. If she brings up a new topic every time and discusses with you even smaller things of her life, then it is one of her ways of showing you how deeply she is in love with you.

Presents For No Reason- Signs Of Being Deeply In Love

If she is giving you presents occasionally for no reason at all, then it is an indication that she is indeed profoundly in love with you. Because there can be no other reason why she should be showing signs of surprising you with gifts and presents.
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This Man Dennis Okari




Dennis okari is one of the best investigative journalists we have in Kenya. Through him, a number of scandals that would have gone past the public eye have been addressed. The most recent one, the covid 19 millionaires shook the government after he uncovered the embezzlement that had happened with the covid funds.

Dennis went to the Kenya institute of mass communication where he got his bachelor’s degree in communication- journalism. He has worked in different companies and reported in different languages. That includes the kenya broadcasting corporation, metro tv, TBN Africa and the standard group media. Currently he works at the Nation group media and is a news anchor as well as an investigative journalist and reporter.

He was married to former k24 news anchor Betty kyalo but their union lasted for only six months. Betty kyalo’s brother did hint to the media that there was abuse in the relationship as well as no support from Okari’s family. It seemed like his family did not support the union. However, both of them did not come out to the public about their break up or what caused their divorce so nobody knows what their side of the story. The two have a four-year-old daughter named Ivanna.

Dennis remarried after divorcing Betty Kyalo. He married a lady named Naomi joy who works at bonfire adventures. The two go to the same church and seem to be happy and lost in love. Their wedding was an invite only affair that was done last year in February at Ridge-ways baptist church. They have since already celebrated their first anniversary together.

Okari is a good chef in his kitchen. He once posted a picture of food he was preparing for his wife after she came home late and tired from work. The food looked very appetizing hence we can tell the man does know his way around the kitchen.

He is one of the highest paid personalities in the country. Though we cant exactly tell his net-worth, we can tell the man does pocket a handsome pay quite often from the luxurious life we see he lives on his social media pages.

Dennis is a bilingual reporter and worked for the BBC where he used to take home a salary of 800,000 per month. He covered issues of governance, security and feature stories. He however came back to seek an opportunity at the nation media group.

Dennis was recently appointed as the special projects editor at nation media effective from January twenntieth of this year. He clearly is doing a good job if his bosses entrust him with such big roles. The man has a professional experience of 12 years and counting.

Dennis okari is a forex trader and a coach as well. One can tell from his social media pages that he is deeply invested in the trade.

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