Tom Alila, FKF presidential aspirant wants elections held this August


Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential aspirant Tom Alila wants the long overdue elections held next month.

Alila, who served as the FKF NEC Nyanza representative, said the elections should be held before the expected league kick-off in September.

He further said he was against a repeat of the branch polls, saying the elections were credible and the officials were elected in accordance with the 2017 FKF Constitution which the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) recommended and recognises.

The former chairman of the powerful FKF finance committee further urged that the elections of the sub branches be conducted after the national polls as it was costly engaging the 270 constituencies which are the basis upon which branches have been formed.

On the issue of candidates seeking coalitions, Alila said the only alliances he will be seeking is with the delegates. Reports have been making rounds that former FKF vice chairmen Twaha Mbarak, Sammy Sholei and long serving Cecafa secretary general, Nicholas Musonye were pursuing a united front to oust incumbent Nick Mwendwa.

Alila called on aspirants to be objective and campaign based on manifestos. Alila asked Mwendwa to convene an urgent stakeholders meeting to discuss and come up with an electoral code that will ensure free and fair elections. He asked the FKF Electoral Board to review the electoral code so that many candidates are not locked out of the contest.

According to Alila’s blue print, schools in all counties will be the centres for nurturing the next generation of talent if he wins.

He revealed that under his leadership, the federation will put in place a five-year development curriculum to help those involved in developing talent.


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