Fight Talk: Conor McGregor vs Manny Pacquiao


There is only place to start this week; Conor McGregor v Manny Pacquiao – it looks like it really could happen in 2021.In 2017, UFC star McGregor switched from MMA to boxing, losing to the then best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet in American Floyd Mayweather.

Now, in what would be his second professional boxing bout, McGregor could face another fighting legend. McGregor tweeted on Friday that he would be “boxing Pacquiao next in the Middle East”. A day later the Filipino’s assistant confirmed the two teams are in talks.

Mayweather was the perfect dance partner for McGregor; they are two of the most confident and controversial athletes in combat sport history; possessing unquestionable talent but personalities which often split opinion.

While hardcore boxing fans felt insulted by the mismatch, McGregor and Mayweather succeeding in generating global hype for what became one of the highest grossing fights of all time.

But will McGregor taking on the less outspoken Pacquiao create the same buzz? Perhaps not. Some fans also suggest that Mayweather could have stopped McGregor sooner than the 10th round, whereas Pacquiao won’t be as kind.

Pacquiao’s achievements are astonishing; the current WBA ‘super’ welterweight title holder and an eight-division world champion, he is arguably one of the greatest pugilists to ever lace up the gloves.

McGregor is a two-weight UFC champion who retired from fighting in June – but it’s hard for anyone to take his ‘retirement’ seriously; it was the third time in four years in which he has walked away from the fight game…


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