Laboso quietly returns after weeks of treatment abroad


Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso has quietly returned to the country after a seven-week stay in India and United Kingdom hospitals to seek medical treatment.
Laboso, who also left the country quietly in late May to seek treatment for a yet-to-be-made-public disease, jetted back yon Sunday after being abroad first in the UK before going to India for specialised treatment for close to two months.
Kenyans were taken by surprise last month when pictures of Opposition chief Raila Odinga with Kenya’s High Commissioner to Britain Manoah Esipisu with Laboso at a London hospital.
Her return will be a sigh of relief for Bomet residents who have been camping in various county government offices in the county to know about how she is fairing.
While she was away, her deputy Hillary Barchok resumed her duties and assured locals that she would soon be back in the office.
“The governor is doing fine and will soon return in the country to serve her people,” Barchok was quoted in a local daily when asked about the whereabouts of her boss.
The governor is expected to attend further treatment locally with reports indicating she is yet to recover fully.


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