Former CS Rashid Echesa launches attack on Raila


Former Sports minister Rashid Echesa has blamed Raila Odinga for the “underdevelopment” in Luhyaland.
Speaking in Kakamega town, the vocal politician said that most companies that have long been a source of income for the people of Western Region have collapsed because of the region’s support for Raila Odinga.
“We are tired of gambling with the lives of our people, we have supported him more than enough without any returns. He promised you that he was taking you to a land of milk and honey only for him to join his foes,” Echesa said.
Echesa also challenged President Uhuru to prove to Luhyas that he had their best interests at heart by helping Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi secure a leadership position.
The politician went on to say that the same way the President helped Raila and Kalonzo secure leadership positions in the continent, he should do the same for Musalia.


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