You’re jealous of Jeff Koinange’s posh car, netizens tell Ahmednasir


City lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi was on the receiving end after some netizens took a dig at him for faulting Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange’s posh Mercedes G-Wagon.
Jeff had posted a video on his social media pages announcing an upcoming event dubbed Country Music and his high-end ride was also featured in the clip.
Abdullahi, however, questioned how and why Jeff was allowed to import the car yet the law does not allow left-hand drive cars in the country.
The lawyer in his twitter post wondered why the anchor was driving a left-hand drive car in Kenya explaining that the country’s laws were clear against the importation of similar cars since motorists drive on right-side lanes on Kenyan roads.
“Jeff’s car is left-hand drive… I thought we have a legal prohibition on such imports…or is Jeff’s a special case?” posed the lawyer.
Netizens however accused the lawyer of being jealous of the ride some claiming he went and bought a similar car after admiring Jeff’s one.
“Stop incitement, your admiration for his ride made you buy your G-Wagon,” advised a Twitter user.
“But foreign vehicle using our roads especially from Juba are Left Hand Drive. Why not allow him to use if we can allow foreigners?” wondered Jeremy Magu.
Others, however, sided with the lawyer hilariously insinuating that he is privileged since he shares a name with a prime street in Nairobi.
“He is a relative to the first family, hear no evil, see no evil,” shared another user.
The Mercedes Benz G-class is priced at Ksh10 million judging by factory listing.


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