Woman strip to avoid arrest at Mama Lucy Hospital


There was drama at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital on Tuesday afternoon when a woman stripped naked to avoid arrest by the police.
The woman, an illicit brewer had gone to the facility to visit his colleagues who were shot after a police operation in Soweto slum before being confronted by officers.
The woman removed all her clothes including her underwear when she saw the police at the hospital ready to arrest her.
The middle-aged woman started screaming saying that the police are unfairly targeting herb claiming the she is innocent.
The woman shocked many at the hospital as she tried to hide from the police inside the hospital while naked.
A woman at the hospital gave her a shawl which she used to cover her nakedness before the police moved in and arrested her.
The woman was bundled into a waiting police van and taken to Soweto police post where she is being detained.


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