Winnie Odinga mocks Mudavadi after book release


ODM leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie has mocked ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi on his recently released autobiography Soaring Above: The Storms of Passion.
Winnie stated that in the recent past, her father, Raila was at the centre of everyone’s conversation and some could not help but write books about him.
“Everyone is writing a book about Raila. Raila has written a book about Raila. Raila has written another book about Raila. Others have written more books about Raila. I’m about to make a movie about Raila,” Winnie tweeted.
Her message was preceded by a series of retweets of other Kenyans online and their views on the book by Mudavadi, especially those who criticised the ANC leader.
Winnie’s reaction followed the revelations by Mudavadi pertaining to the political antics and maneuvres of Raila which made headlines on local dailies.
In Mudavadi’s book, Raila comes out as deceitful in his political endeavours yet susceptible to similar games against him; blind to immediate concerns yet astute in rallying people around him, and prone to sudden pronouncements yet focused on the bigger picture, often with him at the centre.
Winnie was Joined by a section of netizens who acknowledged Raila’s political career and his significance in Kenya’s political arena.
“It’s day two of serialisation of what’s supposedly Musalia’s biography and it’s all about Raila Odinga. It happens when all your life you played safe, never stood for anything, never suffered and never sacrificed. You just don’t have a story about yourself,” Raila’s PA Denis Onyango tweeted.
“As for me and my family I will sum up Raila in simple terms, we are blessed to have him, I’m lucky to have lived in the same era when he was alive, one day I will tell my grandchildren about this man Raila,” one Vinny Radak remarked.


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