Widows of Jacob Juma’s in court over property dispute


Widows of slain businessman Jacob Juma have moved to court over the control of multi-million property three years after his death.
Despite living with Miriam Wairimu until his assassination in 2016, Juma is said to have had other four women.
One of the four, Lydiah Tabuke, is in court demanding a share of Juma’s estate,
Tabuke has accused her co-wives Wairimu and Anne Gathenya of taking everything leaving them to suffer.
Wairimu is the one in charge of the properties spread across the country.
Tabuke insists that she was legally married to Juma, adding that she wants DNA samples of her two children matched to confirm the claims.
“In the event the DNA test turns positive, Wairimu should be compelled to include the two children as beneficiaries of the estate,” reads part of her affidavit.
Wairimu has however downplayed the matter, saying she does not object to the carrying out of the DNA test on Tabuke’s children to establish whether the deceased sired them.
“Given the circumstances under which the deceased died, samples of his DNA were collected under the instructions of the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and stored by the government chemist,” she said
Francis Shiundu, the deceased kin, said he was present during Juma and Tabuke’s official traditional marriage ceremony, which was conducted in accordance with Luhya customary traditions in 2005.
Juma was assassinated in May 2016.


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