Weston hotel vows to stay put on disputed land


The Weston Hotel has vowed to stay put on the disputed piece of land and added that it will not compensate the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) for the prime property.

Already, KCAA has been confirmed the owner of the piece of land along Kang’ata Road, which it reportedly acquired in the 1990s for the construction of its headquarters.

However, Weston Hotel has said it bought the land legally from Priority and Monene Limited, and has rubbished claims that it acquired the land fraudulently.

“Consequently, the allegation of fraudulent acquisition and registration are unsubstantiated and nothing short of mere rumours propagated by the petitioner in a resort to infringe, violate and limit Weston’s right to property,” the hotel General Manager Michael Nzile told the media.

According to Nzile, the hotel vacated another land for KCAA near the Wilson Airport, and cannot therefore be told to again compensate the authority for the land it currently sits on.

Weston Hotel lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi said KCAA’s petition to have the land back is mischievous, adding that it is aimed at extorting the hotel by pushing for compensation.

“KCAA’s allegations raised in the petition malicious and false, and a progeny of the KCAA’s insatiable desire to make mischief, and are meant to deprive or threaten Weston Hotel’s property rights and unjustly enrich KCAA,” he said.

Justice Bernard Ebosso of the Environment and Land Court has since blocked any activities relating to subdivision, valuation, sale or transfer of documents relating to the land in question.

The Hotel is owned by Deputy President William Ruto and has been at the centre of a court battle for the last decade.ehind the killing and called for the immediate arrest of whoever is culpable.


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