Wamuchomba dismisses Mariga’s candidature in Kibra, calls him outsider


Kiambu Woman Rep Gathoni Wamuchomba has dismissed McDonald Mariga’s candidature in the Kibra by-election.
Wamuchomba described the footballer as an outsider who has been spending his time in and out of the country, only to surface in Kibra that he wants to lead them.
The Jubilee MP said unlike other footballers who plied their trade in Europe, Mariga has no development record and therefore does not deserve to be an MP in Kibra.
“Mariga is a foreigner, he is in and out of the country. He has done Show us at least one thing he has done for Kibra people,” she said on Citizen TV’s Daybreak show on Tuesday morning.
Wiper Nominated Senator Sylvia Kasanga had no kind words for Mariga either saying he would find it difficult to win in Kibra given the controversies surrounding his candidature and the fact that the constituency is an ODM zone.
This, she noted, is based on the fact that the region is considered an ODM stronghold.
“Kibra is an ODM dominated area,” she said.


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