Wairimu denied Cohen sex for four years, court papers reveal


Court papers have revealed that the slain Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen went to court in January this year to end their marriage with Sarah Wairimu citing frustrations and being denied sex.
Under a certificate of urgency, Cohen claimed that Wairimu had been denying him sex since 2014.
He said they were sleeping in separate bedrooms and he was preparing his own meals.
A month later, the 71-year-old amended the grounds for dissolution of the marriage to assault and violence from Wairimu.
The Dutchman said that on one occasion Wairimu had stormed into his office, thrown water on him and threatened him.
Cohen also accused Wairimu of assaulting him leaving him with multiple injuries at their Spring Valley home.
Asserting that she also wanted a divorce, Wairimu dismissed the claim that she was violent, arguing that this was a ploy by Cohen to paint her as a bullying spouse.
The particular attack started by Cohen was staged by him to build his divorce narrative, she said.
She also dismissed the claim of denial of conjugal rights, saying that they always shared the master bedroom except in sporadic occasions when she had been forced to take refuge in our daughter’s bedroom when he (Cohen) was drunk and abusive.
Wairimu also accused Cohen of being a womanizer and very cruel, leading to the turmoil in the marriage.
Cohen went missing in July and the police found his body in an empty water tank in his home compound on September 13. It was a brutal murder.
Widow Wairimu, 52, is being held at Lang’ata Women’s Prison and is to plead to a murder charge on Tuesday.


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