Very sad, Wairimu’s words after seeing Cohen’s body


Dutch billionaire Tob Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu was only able to say ‘very sad’ after the post-mortem on Cohen’s body.
Wairimu declined to speak to the media after as they threw questions at him after the autopsy.
According to the government chief pathologist Dr Johansen Odour the autopsy results had been could not be made public due to a court order.
He said after the autopsy, they were able to know how Cohen was murdered and on what date the gruesome killing was undertaken.
The pathologist represented the government in the murder case while Prof Andrew Gachie and Prof Emily Rogena represented Wairimu and the family of the slain tycoon respectively.
Gachie said the pathologists are compiling a report on the process and will share the same at the right time.
He also revealed it might take a few weeks since there were toxicological tests to be done.
Wairumu was present during the exercise after the High Court ordered for her temporary release.


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