US court postpones Ibrahim Akasha sentencing to December


A US court on Friday postponed the sentencing of confessed international drug trafficker Ibrahim Akasha.
The Kenyan citizen may now have to wait until December 6 to know his fate. Ibrahim has been held for nearly three years in New York detention centres.
His sentencing will follow that of his elder brother Baktash Akasha, who was handed a 25-year jail term and a fine of Sh10 million by Presiding Judge Victor Marrero at the US district court in New York.
Ibrahim, 31, and Baktash, 44, had been held in US prisons before they both pleaded guilty to the charges.
While Ibrahim was held at Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Manhattan, New York, Baktash was 15 kilometres away in Metropolitan Detention Centre, Brooklyn.
The two were later re-united “for emotional support” after a separation order against them was lifted.
From Ibrahim’s pleadings, it emerged that although drugs trade and jail united them, deep within he hated his elder brother.
He told court Baktash was their father’s favourite and claimed he was often bullied at home.
“Baktash participated in bullying Ibrahim, pulling down his pants in public and spanking him. Baktash also made it clear he would hurt Ibrahim if he did not do as he wished,” the court heard.
Ibrahim claimed he was unaware his father was a drug trafficker. He told court he did not know the senior Akasha, who was killed in 2000 in Amsterdam, was a drug dealer.
The court heard that after senior Akasha’s death, his family split further with claims of ill treatment of some members, according to Ibrahim.
He said there were days his step mothers would deny them water and food.
Ibrahim also said his father was violent and encouraged the children of his two other wives to mistreat him and his mother.


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