US citizen Jacob Blake unfairly shot by a Police Officer


Jacob Blake, 29, was shot several times in the back as he entered a car where his three children were seated. His family said he has been left paralyzed from the waist down although doctors do not know if it is permanent.

Kenosha Police Department said the “officer-involved shooting” happened shortly after 17:00 on 23 August.

Police said they were responding to a domestic incident, but so far it is unclear who called the police, how many officers were involved, and what happened before the shooting. Police in Kenosha do not have body cameras, although they do have microphones.

Lawyers for Mr Blake said he had been trying to “de-escalate a domestic incident” when police drew their weapons.

The person who shot the video, Raysean White, said that before he began filming, he saw police wrestle, punch and Taser Mr Blake. It was then he started recording. Mr Blake is seen walking around the front of the SUV. The two officers closest to Mr Blake at this point on the video are white males.

As he opens the door and leans into the car, one officer can be seen grabbing his shirt and opening fire. Seven shots can be heard in the video, as witnesses shout and scream.

Mr White said that he heard police officers shout “Drop the knife!” before gunfire erupted, but said he didn’t see a knife in Mr Blake’s hands. Police said that officers had provided immediate aid to Mr Blake, who was taken to a hospital in Milwaukee afterwards.


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