UNICEF employee accused of assaulting and racially abusing Kenyans


UNICEF has launched investigations into an incident where one of their employees is said to have stormed a private post-wedding party at an apartment in Nairobi and assaulted the host and her guests while allegedly hurling racial slurs.

This comes after Thogori Karago, taking to social sites Twitter and Medium, narrated how she rented an AirBnB in High View area, Ridgeways, on September 12, 2020 to host friends and family for a post-wedding meal for her brother.

According to Ms. Karago, they were having a vote of thanks speech at around 8:30pm to conclude when the said UNICEF employee – later identified as Philip Van de Graaf – stormed in shouting and telling them it was curfew time and that they had to exit the premises.

He reportedly destroyed their property on the porch before bringing out his guard dog, upon which Ms. Karago and her entourage locked themselves in the house and called officers from the Muthaiga Police Station.

They were assigned two police officers who confronted Mr. de Graaf but he allegedly denied all the offenses leveled against him, only identifying himself as a UNICEF employee.

In videos attached by Ms. Karago, Mr. de Graaf can at various points be seen engaging in a physical scuffle with the men at the party who attempt to throw him off the property but he keeps returning and hurling curse words at them.


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