There will be no compensation for Mau evictees, maintains CS Tobiko


The government has maintained that there will be no compensation for Mau Forest evictees.
Responding to calls by people who claim they bought the land in the water catchment area, Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko said that none of the settlers will be compensated.
Tobiko said the government will fence off the Sierra Leone region and plant 10 million tree seedlings.
He said that about 40 per cent of the planting has since been done through aerial broadcasting planting method, with the fencing exercise having also kicked off.
“We are targeting 10 million trees in the entire Maasai Mau forest and we have also done four million seeds through aerial seeding,” said Tobiko.
Politicians from the region have opposed the evictions and urged people to stay put until they are given alternative land.


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