Tension high at UoN after students riot


Tension is high at the University of Nairobi main campus after students went on a rampage.

The students who engaged the police in running battles are protesting the death of one of them allegedly clobbered a security guard.

Kyte Ondeng’died on Saturday at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

He was allegedly abducted by the security officers at the university last week on Wednesday evening while in the company of two friends.

The students said that they were walking from the hostels at Hall Nine heading to Hall Six when they were stopped by a security guard they know.

“It was 7 pm when the officer we know greeted us and stopped Ondeng’. We proceeded gradually but stopped after 30 metres to wait for him,” Sylvester Sergon, who was with Ondeng’ told the Star.

“He then texted us around 8 pm to tell us that he was at Central Police Station and that was the last time we heard from him. We have been calling and texting him since Thursday in vain.”

The students learnt of their colleague’s death on Sunday morning after the family informed his friends that Ondeng’ had died after being rushed to the ICU.

It is said the deceased was planning to vie during the student elections in April.

However, a security official at the institution denied the rumour and claims that the student may have been assaulted by thugs.

He said the students overreacted by bringing the body of the deceased within the campus premises.

UoN communications director John Orindi earlier said they were aware of the case but they were waiting for police investigations.


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