Tanzania and Kenya’s presidents agree to end border transport standoff


President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Tanzanian counterpart John Magufuli have finally agreed to end the border rift which arose over testing for COVID-19.
The standoff led to many truck drivers from Kenya being blocked for days from entering Tanzania due to fear of spreading the corona-virus.
The two heads of state have agreed to let transport ministries from the countries together with heads of border regions deal with the situation.
In a clip seen by the Star, Magufuli said ending the feud will enable both Kenyans and Tanzanians to continue with business operations.
“Haiwezekani tukawakwamisha waliokuja kufanya biashara. Lakini pia magari ya Tanzania hayawezi yakakwamishwa kwenda Kenya,” he said.
Magufuli advised authorities from both Kenya and Tanzania to solve disputes cordially.
“Wazingatie uchumi wa nchi zetu. Kwa vile tumezungumza vizuri na Kenyatta, sisi tumeyamaliza. Wakae viongozi watatue hii maneno na watu wafanye biashara katika pande zote mbili,” he said.
On Sunday, Tanzania stopped all Kenya trucks from entering the country, a day after President Uhuru ordered the closure of the common border with its southern neighbor to curb the importation of Covid-19.
The President also closed the border with Somalia.
On Sunday, in what appeared to be a retaliatory move, Tanzania declared that “no vehicle from Kenya will be allowed to enter into the country”.
A Tanzanian official said at the Holili/Taveta One-Stop Border Post that goods from Kenya would be offloaded at the border posts from where they would be picked by their respective recipients.
“Goods, particularly from Kenya, will be collected at the border,” the official told the media.
Consequently, Kenyan truck drivers spent days at the border with merchandise going bad.


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