State to forcibly evict people from Mau forest after 60-day period


The government is set to begin forcible eviction of people from the Maasai Mau Forest after the 60-day grace period elapsed.
Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya said the government will now remove anyone found in the water catchment area forcibly to pave way for rehabilitation.
“The government targets 12,000 families, as was communicated during the issuance of the eviction notice,” said Natembeya.
This is in line with the government’s attempts to restore the water catchment zone, allegedly after the massive destruction of the 46,000-hectare forest by the settlers.
The government hailed those who left the Mau Complex before the lapse of the two-month notice, with Narok County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti confirming that 1,413 have since left the forest.
“Some left their houses and other belongings behind,” he said.
Kimiti said that the clearing of the forest will be succeeded by survey and consequent rehabilitation.
“From next week, surveyors will be in the area to look at the forest boundaries and consequently tree planting will begin,” he said.
Local politicians drawn from the Kalenjin community have resisted the evictions and told people to stay put until they are compensated or given alternative land.


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