Slums, sex workers linked to rising cases of HIV in Uasin Gishu


Informal settlements and commercial sex workers have been blamed for the rising cases of HIV infections in Uasin Gishu county.
According to statistics, Uasin Gishu is said to be having 32,000 people living with HIV/Aids as per the 2018 statistics report.
County coordinator Simon Rono the most affected by the disease are the youth in the county.
“Over half of new HIV infections in Uasin Gishu is among people who are between 15-24 years. The biggest driver for the infections is informal settlements and sex workers,” said Rono.
“In 2018 there were 780 new cases of HIV infections and in 2019 as in September, there were already 1,000 new cases reported and we expect it to shoot to above 1,200,” Uasin Gishu County coordinator of HIV added.
He said the reason why there is a high prevalence of HIV in informal settlements is that there are many teenage pregnancies due to children dropping out of school.
The informal settlements that have been affected in Uasin Gishu include Munyaka Langas, Huruma, and Kamukunji.
He further called on Kenyans to go for testing to know their status so that they may plan for their future with no problem.


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