Slain priest was my lover, prime suspect tells detectives


The probe into the murder of Catholic priest Michael Kyengo has taken a new twist after one of the suspects alleged that he was in a romantic relationship with the priest.
According to text messages between the two, it seems they were indeed lovers as they referred to each other as “my love” and “dear”.
The detectives have also found out that the priest was murdered in a rented house belonging to the suspect in Gaitegi, Embu.
They are consequently considering carrying out another postmortem to check if there was any intercourse.
“Just like in cases where claims of sexual nature are made, we are considering a second round of examination on his body to confirm if there was any intercourse,” said an officer privy to the progress of the investigations.
The police also recovered the knife used to kill the cleric in the suspect’s pit latrine.
This was eight days after going missing from his home in Matungulu, Machakos.

They have also established that the suspect, 25, is a staunch Catholic and a member of the choir.
Detectives are also conducting forensics on the senior priest’s cellphone to find out the conversation trail before his bizarre murder.
Also in police custody is a motorbike operator by the name of Solomon Mutava, who will be a state witness.
The police say that that they have also arrested a man who was caught driving the car belonging to the slain priest, adding that it has been repainted to grey from its original white colour.
It is the driver who took police to Embu house where the priest met his death.


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