Silverstone: Forget about the rumours, our planes are safe


Silverstone Air has rubbished reports on social media that one of its planes crash-landed at Wilson airport after its tyre caught fire.
Silverstone took to twitter to dispel what they describe as fake news which has gone viral on social media over a nonexistent incident.
They urged the public to ignore the reports which were circulating on social media saying they value the safety of their customers.
“We confirm that none of our planes had such an incident as per the fake news circulating on social media, such as this. Safety is our top priority and will not be compromised, our services proceed normally as scheduled,” Silverstone Air said on its Twitter handle.
It has, however, not yet been established as to what exactly sparked the fake reports which within minutes had attracted the attention of the Kenyans on Twitter.
Barely two weeks ago, a Silverstone airliner from Lodwar was forced to make an emergency landing at Eldoret International Airport after one of its tyres fell off mid-air.


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