Silverstone explains why the wheel of its plain fell mid-air


Silverstone company has said one of its plane’s wheel fell off was due to a bearing failure.
The airline said what happened was not emergency landing as is being reported but a safe landing.
“This was not an emergency landing. The aircraft was inspected, certified and released back to service,” the airline said in a statement.
According to the company, the aircraft Dash 8-300 registration 5Y-BWG lost the number three main wheel assembly on take-off from Lodwar.
“The aircraft was diverted to Eldoret Airport as a safety precaution and the pilot in command landed safely,” it said.
One of the Silverstone’s plane was reported to have made an emergency landing at the Eldoret International Airport on Monday after one of its tyres came off.
The plane was en-route from Lodwar to Nairobi. There were no causalities.


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