Shock as family buries kin at 2am to fulfil his wishes


A family in Nakuru county shocked villagers after burying their 88-year-old kin at 2am on Friday, saying they were fulfilling the deceased wish.
The villagers who had arrived for the burial ceremony were forced to return to their homes after being told that Joseph Kiama had already been interred.
According to the family of the deceased, the old man’s dying wish was to be buried at 2am without a coffin.
The octogenarian had told his family members to wrap his body in a blanket bury it next to Molo River.
He also cautioned them against shedding tears during his burial.
Area Chief Joel Chepkwony while confirming the incident said the family had sought his permission before undertaking the ceremony.
“They requested to be allowed to follow the old man’s wishes to avoid any future curses,” he said.


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