The return of SGR


Demand for train tickets for the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) has remained high as operations resumed yesterday.

SGR passenger services, operated by Africa Star Railway Operation Company (Afristar) resumed  with one express train, which will be departing Nairobi  at 8:00 am with arrival in Mombasa at 12:45 pm. The train then departs Mombasa at 1:55 pm and arrives in Nairobi at 6:40 pm.

Yesterday, Afristar deployed 10 coaches including eight economic coaches and two first-class coaches. One separate coach is added for suspected Covid-19 patients. An economy coach has 118 seats while a First-class coach has 72 seats. The current maximum seat occupancy is 50 per cent  as per government directives on social distancing.

The firm reported a total of 967 tickets were sold for the trains operated on Monday- A1 Mombasa-Nairobi( 485 tickets) and A2 Nairobi-Mombasa( 482 tickets.)

The current maximum capacity of an economy coach is 59 seats and 36 seats for a first-class coach.


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