Senator Kihika’s abortion Bill stirs up debate


Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika unveiled a carefully worded Reproductive Health Bill 2019, knowing well its importance matched the sensitivity of the topic covered, going by similar laws that rattled some quarters and never saw the light of day.

The Bill has stirred the hornet’s nest due to a proposition perceived to legalise abortion.

Faith-based groups and pro-life activists have taken issue with Clause 26, which outlines instances in which abortion should be allowed under the supervision of a medical doctor.

The lawyer turned legislator said she is confident it would sail through the Third Reading in the Parliament, once all stakeholders understood that it does not in any way seek to normalise underage sex, promote abortion nor corrupt societal morals as feared by some.

The document has other noble clauses that touch on family planning, reproductive health, assisted reproduction as well as safe motherhood.

Clause 33 of the Bill requires that a healthcare provider must obtain parental consent to provide any of the adolescent-friendly reproductive health services. Ms Kihika said those opposing the Bill seem to have not read it, read and misunderstood it or are just misadvised.

She told off those terming the law as an Abortion, saying it was in bad faith and an attempt at whipping negative public emotions to kill the Bill — the equivalent of giving a dog a bad name to kill it.


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