Ruto to meet Taita Taveta MCAs after Raila, Samboja talks


Taita Taveta County’s budget impasse could be far from over after reports of a planned meeting between Deputy President William Ruto and the MCAs emerged.
The planned meeting comes just days after another one between Governor Granton Samboja and ODM leader Raila Odinga in Nairobi over the standoff.
Samboja and the MCAs differed after the latter proposed that Sh41 million be allocated to each of wards, something former has termed illegal.
But reports indicate the DP has organised a meeting between him and the MCAs at his Karen in a move seen as political and likely to complicate the standoff.
The MCAs mostly from ODM led by their party whip Abraham Juma confirm a meeting had been arranged.
The Ward Reps have accused Raila of abandoning them after meeting the governor and concluding that it is the MCAs who are causing troubles in the county without listening to them.
“Raila has sided with the Executive on the budget standoff by only meeting Samboja,” Juma said adding that Raila should have also met them.
Mr Odinga had called for a truce between the two sides and called on the two factions to solve the impasse through dialogue.
He also accused MCAs of abusing their roles and advised them to take up their oversight and legislation roles and leave development to the executive.
Samboja has insisted that he will continue collecting signatures to push for the county’s dissolution, adding that he doesn’t fear to lose.
By Thursday, over 38,000 signatures had been collected.


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