Ruto: I will not state my net worth, let my critics talk


Deputy President William Ruto for another time missed an opportunity to tell Kenyans his net worth during an interview with a local TV station when he maintained that he is a clean politician.
When pressed to state his net worth, Ruto claimed he had appeared before relevant authorities this year where he declared his wealth.
He challenged the journalist to find out from those who audited him what he is worth and tell Kenyans.
“I declared my wealth as required by law. Forget about this malicious narrative of oh he owns Intercontinental, Hotel 680, Boulevard, I don’t know how many choppers, this is all fake!”
He went on to declare that those still interested in his wealth details should apply to have them as the law requires.
” If the necessary legislation is enacted to declare wealth publicly, I will be the first one in the queue. Some people want to use malice,” said Ruto.
Several politicians, especially from the opposition, have been calling for his lifestyle audit with some daring him to publicly declare his wealth.
The DP said he is not about to do so as a number of those interested in his wealth are out to use it for malice as they have been spreading fake news on the property he owns.


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