Raila, Murathe meet warns against early campaigns


Opposition chief Raila Odinga on Saturday held a meeting with former Jubilee vice chairman David Murathe even as succession politics take shape.
The two met at TV host Tony Gachoka’s birthday party and were also joined by Devolution minister Eugene Wamalwa and Kiprono Kittony, the chairman of Chambers of Commerce.
Murathe, for the first time said Raila is the only person who can block Deputy President William Ruto from taking over.
“If there is somebody who can stop that guy (Ruto) from becoming President, it is the former Prime Minister. There is nobody else,” said Murathe, adding: “Our main aim is to make sure that person (Ruto) does not become President because if he does we are all finished”.
The ODM leader said it was still too early to start engaging in campaigns for the 2022 General Election, adding that voters would make their stand known at the right time.
“We will not be intimidated by money. We will not be intimidated by people who have no agenda for this country, people who don’t know where the country is coming from and where we want to go,” said Raila.
Murathe was the Jubilee leader to claim Ruto was not qualified to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Murathe, a close ally of President Uhuru, has been leading an anti-Ruto campaign, accusing him of being the father of scandals in the country.


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