Pumwani Maternity Hospital closed


The facility that on any normal day would serve hundreds of women remained closed as the 41 nurses who tested positive for COVID-19 spent their time in isolation.

The nurses’ union also opposed the move by the hospital administration to ask for individual contributions in support of the isolated healthcare workers.

At the main entrance of Pumwani Maternity hospital, the sign was all clear, a totally different picture at a facility that on normal days experiences an influx of patients seeking medication, particularly expectant women.

This coming two days after 41 healthcare workers at the hospital tested positive for COVID-19 and went into isolation, a majority through the home-based care while others isolated at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The writing is on the wall: no visitors allowed in except for those coming to visit their kin already admitted.

The security officers are keen to note every detail of those coming in; they check through the list to determine who will access the wards as they try to scale down operations. Only one person from visiting relatives is given permission to pick their kin.


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