Prepare yourself for two referendums, Mutula tells Kenyans


Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has told Kenyans to expect two referendums before 2022.
Mutula said that the current referendum debate among Kenyans and the fact that Punguza Mizigo talk has already taken shape, it a clear indication that we could end up with two votes on change of the constitution.
He said that both Punguza Mzigo and Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) cannot be ignored.
He said from what he can gather, the BBI team will also come up with a referendum bill just like the Punguza Mizigo one.
“The possibility of having two referendums is alive, and it can happen,” he said.
Mutula, however, asked the BBI team to consider coming up with a referendum law after completing the compilation of the report.
He said that the law will act as a guideline towards the realization of the goals of the government.
“While BBI finishes their report, they must similarly come up with a referendum law. And one of the issues is electoral reforms,” he said.
On Punguza Mizigo, Mutula said it will flop because it has discriminated against women.
He said Kenya has more than half of its population being women and a referendum that discriminate them will die a natural death.
“Punguza Mizigo got it wrong by trying to discriminate the 47 women who are carrying special interests. Women in Kenya are more than 50 per cent,” he added.


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