Police looking for man who drove car into people injuring four in Tigania


Police in Meru are looking for a man who drove his car into a crowd of people, injuring at least four, and stabbing the next victim in what appears to have been an intentional attack.
The suspect is reported to have indicated that he was being threatened by some people before the attack in Tigania on Monday.
According to area police boss Peter Karanja, the middle-aged man went berserk and stabbed a man to death in Kamanoro
“He went wild, brandishing a knife to everyone. We are still looking for him,” said Karanja.
Karanja said the man has a pending case in court which is set for hearing on November 3.
The suspect had been arrested and charged with injuring camels.
He said that the man had complained of being threatened by the camels’ owner before embarking on the killing spree.
“Yesterday he complained of being threatened by the camel owner. He got into his vehicle, a Probox at around 5:30 pm went to the market and ran over people who were selling vegetables,” said the police boss.
Karanja stated that the five people who got injured are in stable condition.


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