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Over 82,000 People Have Recovered From Coronavirus Worldwide According To New Medical Report



A new medical report has released the good news that over 80,000 people have indeed recovered after their initial diagnosis—proving that there is a light at the end of this currently dark tunnel.

According to Newsweek reports, medical officials at John Hopkins University Medical Center are urging people to stay calm by announcing its recent coronavirus recovery findings. According to the latest reports conducted by John Hopkins medical experts, over 82,000 have recovered from the coronavirus worldwide.

China, where the virus initially started back in January, is now no longer predominantly affected, as cases outside of China have officially surpassed those within China for the first time since the outbreak started. Currently, Europe, Iran and the U.S. are hoping to see the same rate of recovery as China. For about 80% of those who contract the virus, the symptoms will be mild, resembling a common cold or the flu—those people will likely be able to recover from the virus at home without being hospitalized.

Of the majority of the recoveries, approximately 69,755 have been in China, where there have been 81,102 cases and 3,241 deaths. Aside from China, Iran has had the second most accounted for recoveries with 5,389 people successfully recovered.

Meanwhile in Italy, which is currently the hardest hit area, 2,941 people are confirmed to have recovered, according to the report. Additionally, Spain currently has a little over a thousand recoveries, totally 1,081.

Of the 204,277 confirmed cases around the world, 8,246 people have died.

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