Ombeta safe as LSK chair says his practising licence is valid


LSK President Allen Gichuhi has described as untrue claims that the practising licence of Cliff Ombeta has been withdrawn, saying he is a duly registered lawyer.
“Ombeta has a valid licence to practice, contrary to some reports coming out,” Gichui said, adding that Ongari was misleading the court.
This comes after Stephen Ongaro representing LSK on Thursaday had claimed Ombeta’s licence was revoked following his mishandling of the murder case of the late lawyer Willy Kimani.
Ongaro representing the LSK expressed their reservation on how Ombeta has handled the Willie Kimani’s murder trial.
“His licence has been withdrawn and now he is not qualified to practice law,” said Ongaro
Appearing before Justice Jessie Lessit, Ongaro said Ombeta does not have enough LSK points to practise law in the country.
Ombeta, however, defended himself saying he his licence is valid.
Through lawyer Doreen Kali, Ombeta said he is validly registered as a lawyer dismissing the LSK reports.
He maintained that Ombeta is still on the register as a lawyer.
The LSK chair said Ongaro should have taken documents showing that Ombeta is indeed registered before making the remarks.
Last month, Ombeta yet again failed to appear in court for the mention of the murder trial where he represents three accused persons.
Ombeta had shown up in court, donning a sweatpant he was sick and wad was unable to handle the case without disclosing the ailment.


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