Old town abandoned as residents escape lock-down


Hundreds of Old Town youth on Wednesday moved out of the area to avoid being caught up in the cessation of movement order. The youth, according to sources, moved to Majengo, Kisauni, Likoni and areas in Nyali sub county.
“As soon as I heard about it, I moved out. They will not make me stay in one place,” said a resident. Some residents believe there is more to the containment directive than the coronavirus.
“This is just revenge from some leaders because Old Town residents did not say yes sir to them and rebelled,” said another resident.
He alleged the county government is bitter with Old Town residents because they started defying and insulting it on social media. On Wednesday evening, Mombasa county commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo said those who moved out of the area are risking the lives of their relatives.
“It is of no use to move out of the area. Because if you have the disease then you are just transmitting it to your relatives or friends and you are going to infect them, which is not fair,” said Kitiyo.

The place under containment includes Makadara Road all the way to where the road meets Nkrumah Road and to Fort Jesus.
According to police, the area from where Makadara Road meets Digo Road, along Digo Road to Mlango wa Papa Road, and along Mlango wa Papa Road to the beach, will be under containment.
This means the Bims Towers, TTS Towers, all buildings along Nkrumah Road are not under the containment area.
Makadara ground is not under the containment area because it is on the other side of Makadara Road.
According to the map shown by security agencies, Bondeni area is not under containment.
Police will be deployed to man all the roads into Old Town.All eateries have been closed .Markiti market, famous with tourists, has also been closed.
Speaking to the press outside the Uhuru na Kazi building on Wednesday evening, Kitiyo said Old Town residents should not take this as a punishment.
“These are measures to control the spread of the coronavirus,” said the county commissioner.
Old Town has recorded 59 cases and seven deaths.It is now the epicenter of Covid-19 in Mombasa, which has seen at least 159 cases recorded.


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