Odibets Unfazed amidst Government Crackdown on Sports Betting Companies


Kenya’s top setting bookmaker Odibets yesterday insisted that its customers “should not have anything to fear” following the governments’ crackdown on some gambling industry players due to tax compliance issues even as they reported readiness for the up-coming English Premier League season which starts this week.
“Our industry has been facing a number of issues with the governments’ insistence on executing its mandate, particularly on the issue of withholding tax on winnings as enshrined in the Income tax Act under section 35 (1) (i) and 3 (h),” says Aggrey Sayi, Odibets country marketing
“Odibets is tax compliant and is executing the mandate as dictated by the current laws of the land on withholding tax on winnings. Our customers have nothing to fear as we have complied with tax laws so as not to jeopardize our relationship with the tax man – KRA and the government of the day through the regulators the BCLB,” he added.
The company promises more goodies to their customers even as the EPL resumes over the
weekend from a long break which started in May. The English Premier League as we know it enjoys viral support among Kenyans with Arsenal enjoying up to 30% following among football fanatics followed by Manchester United and Chelsea respectively.
Odibets will not only be offering boosted odds and bonuses like the free deposit for the EPL but will also provide punters with multiple markets to bet on in a user friendly platform. In addition to sports betting, Odibets provides betting odds for virtual games on the web, SMS and progressive web apps.


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