Nurses suspended after woman delivers outside hospital for failing to pay Sh20 registration fee


Two nurses at Dandora Health Centre have been suspended for watching woman give birth outside the facility after she failed to pay Ksh 20 for the service. The incident attracted public outcry with a section of women from Dandora taking to streets to protest the nurses’ unkind treatment of the woman.

A statement from the Nairobi county government released on Tuesday, September 18, confirmed the health practitioners were suspended pending further investigations into the matter. The nurses reportedly demanded bribe from the woman and when she failed to pander to their whims, they opted to frustrate her. The facility, which is owned by the Nairobi County Government, was further accused of demanding admission fees before attending to expectant mothers.

The statement further stated the officers were investigating the health practitioners over allegations of deliberately failing to facilitate a referral process of the woman to another facility as it was required. The new-mother was later admitted into the health center together with her new-born. A similar incident was witnessed in August 2019 at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital after a video of a woman giving birth on the floor as nurses sipped tea surfaced online.


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