My baby isn’t an explosive, MP says after being ejected from Parliament with baby


Kwale Woman Rep Zuleika Hassan has hit out on temporary Speaker Christopher Omulele after he ejected her out of the chambers for coming with her five-month-old baby.
She accused the Speaker of treating her like a terror suspect smuggling an atomic bomb into the House.
“They were so hard on me. My baby is not an atomic bomb and can’t explode,” Ms Hassan said.
Speaking after leaving the chambers, Ms Hassan who was accompanied by other women MPs said she got an emergency that is why she carried the baby to Parliament.
“I had an emergency and decided not to miss work but come with the baby, she said.
Morning proceedings of the National Assembly were temporarily brought to a standstill on Wednesday after Hassan entered the chambers with her five-month-old baby.
Christopher Omulele ordered Ms Hassan to withdraw from the chamber saying it is not the right place to take care of her child.
Some MP’s male and female who were in the chambers during that time supported Ms Hassan and urged her to stay put causing a standstill within the chambers.
But Speaker called the sergeant-at-arms to evict Ms Hassan who by then was being shielded by her female counterparts.
“As much as she has a right to take care of her child, this not the right place, I, therefore, direct that you immediately withdraw from the chambers,” ordered Mr Omulele.
Ijara MP Sophia Abdi Noor said it is unfortunate that such an incident is happening in Parliament where laws are made.
“This child has a right, if they don’t establish a breastfeeding room then we will urge all women with breastfeeding children to come with their children in the chambers to send a message,” she said.


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