Mwalimu Dida tells President Uhuru why Kenyans are broke


Three days after President Uhuru said he was not aware if Kenyans are broke, former presidential candidate Mohammed Abduba Dida has opted to tell him what has made Kenyans broke.
Dida explained to President Uhuru why Kenyans are broke in a tweet that went viral.
According to Dida, Kenyans are broke because of the massive contracts the government has with China.
He said Chinese companies need to be denied tenders in the country, because they are always importing all materials they need during the construction process.
The vocal politician said Kenyans cannot benefit from the huge contracts, if Chinese companies import all raw materials from China.
In addition to this, Dida said Kenyans are broke because a few billionaires have been evading tax, and the government has not done enough to protect local businesses.
“Dear President Uhuru, this is why Kenyans are broke: Your government has given all contracts to China, Chinese contractors are buying all materials from China and only using Chinese workers, billionaires are evading taxes, you don’t care about local businesses. Thank you,” he tweeted.


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