Mwala Sh30,000 fine after killing pedestrian laughable


The paltry Sh30,000 fine slapped on comedian Davis Mwambili popularly known as Inspector Mwala on September 19, for hitting and killing a pedestrian in Kilifi county last month has exposed Judiciary’s bias.
Mwambili was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving and arraigned Malindi Principal Magistrate Nelly Adalo only to be sentenced to one-year imprisonment or pay a fine of a mere Sh30,000.
The comedian was under the influence of alcohol during the time of the accident and dragged the victim for about 100 metres.
Netizens have expressed fury at the ruling and termed it a mockery to the family of the deceased.
The ruling further punches holes on the Judicial system in Kenya, thwarting the possibilities of taming road carnage that is on the rise in the country.
The family of the deceased is yet to receive any form of compensation other than an apology that the comedian issued after the accident.
The ruling in question should also be reviewed, otherwise, the court risks playing a party to the road madness that continues to claim dozens of lives daily.


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