MPs hail assemblies for rejecting Punguza Mizigo Bill


MPs from across the political divide have hailed 31 county assemblies which have so far rejected the Punguza Mizigo Bill.
The MPs said they are looking forward to the BBI report, which will be presented to President Uhuru Kenyatta and AU envoy Raila Odinga soon.
The MPs include Maoka Maore (Igembe North), Mishi Mboko (Malindi), Ngunjiri Wambugu (Nyeri Town), Abdi Shurie (Balambala), TJ Kajwang’ (Ruaraka), Antony Oluoch (Mathare) and Gathoni Wamuchomba (Kiambu Woman Rep).
They vowed to do everything within their mandate to ensure that Kenyans are educated on every detail of the BBI report.
“We will do everything as parliamentarians to get all Kenyans to know the contents of the report,” Wambugu said.
“The 31 assemblies which have so far rejected the Punguza Mizigo Bill have done well. It is like 99 per cent of the assemblies have rejected the initiative.”
The politicians also faulted their colleagues whom they claimed wanted to ride on the failed Punguza Mizigo bid to bolster their 2022 ambitions.
“There are political forces that had expected to use Punguza Mizigo as a political tool to create obstacles against BBI. We hope they have learnt that Kenyans are not for sale,” said Wambugu.
Kajwang’ dismissed Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot’s bid to block BBI in court, saying it is an exercise in futility and they are not worried.
“His going to court is a matter of his constitutional right. It has no pressure at all on the BBI initiative,” he said.


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