MPs call for Ngilu’s arrest after ‘threatening to arm Kitui residents


Eight MPs from Northern Kenya want Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu arrested for alleged incitement.
They accused Ms Ngilu of having called on a community to attack camel herders grazing in Kitui. They claimed the county chief had also threatened to arm residents of Kitui.
Addressing the media in Parliament yesterday, the MPs called on the security agencies to immediately arrest the governor. They warned that failure to do so could compromise security.
“If we are truly governed by the rule of law, then Charity Kaluki Ngilu must be arrested by the Government of Kenya. We are asking the security agencies to arrest her and let her face the consequences for her utterances,” said Eldas MP Adan Keynan.
Other MPs present were Abdi Mude (Lafey), Abdullah Bashir (Mnadera North), Abdi Omar (Balambala), Mohamed Garane (Lagdera) and Abdikarim Osman (Fafi).
Keynan played a clip of Ngilu speaking in a bid to prove their allegations.
“Kenya is not a banana republic. It is unfortunate that we can have a…governor, a head of one of the 47 county governments asking people to arm themselves. We need to tell Ngilu that nobody is a passenger in this country, we all belong here,” he added.


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